30 Years and Counting

This week, Infant Crisis Services is celebrating 30 years of service to the central Oklahoma community. Our organization was founded in 1984 as a Sunday school service project at Westminster Presbyterian Church. A young mother named Miki Farris was part of that class. When they first started this mission three decades ago, this eager Sunday school class wanted to do something that left a last impact on the community. I don't think any of them realized at the time how significant that impact would be. 

Thirty years later, that Sunday school service project has given more than 194,000 babies a chance at a healthy start. We're now serving more than 15,000 babies and toddlers every year, and will serve our 200,000 client this year. We're not only making sure that our littlest citizens have proper nutrition during those critical first few years of development, but we're making sure they go to bed in a dry diaper. Since 1984, we've provided more than five million diapers to families in need, a service that no government agency currently provides.

That young mother, Miki Farris, is now a proud grandmother. She has been a part of Infant Crisis Services since its inception and leads the organization as executive director, today. A lot has changed in the last 30 years, but our mission and dedication to the serving the least and littlest remain constant.

Friday, we hosted a celebration for all of those who have been a part of our mission and organization over the last three decades. We were honored to have some of our founding members and one of our former executive directors in attendance.

From left, Nancy Adler, former executive director, Julie Imel Kenega, Ginger Shaw and Cindi Rapp, co-founders, pictured with Miki Farris, co-founder and present day executive director. All of these women have made a huge impact in the fight against childhood hunger. To quote the late Maya Angelou "All great achievements require time." Our thanks to all of these women who dedicated their time to make sure no baby goes hungry.

As we look ahead to the next 30 years, we are excited about what the future holds. Sadly, we know there are still babies we haven't been able to reach. As long as there is even one child still crying because he is hungry or soiled, Infant Crisis Services will be doing everything in our capacity to help.