5 x 3

The very last size 5 diaper pack was given to a client on this particular Friday.  No time for despair, as a mere 5 seconds later the donor doorbell rang and boxes and boxes of Size 5 diapers were donated at 2:05.  Ask and you shall receive.

Elizabeth Moon
Volunteer Coordinator

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1. Kohts wrote:
Review by Discriminating Consumer for Rating: This system has good range and aactpecble audio/video signals. The surprising thing about it is the limitations it has for a $300 system I have more than one child and wanted to purchase a second camera so I can switch between channels and view each child (a reasonable expectation since many lower cost systems offer an extra camera option to do just that). Here is the response given by their customer service: There is not a second camera option for that system. It has two channel selection to minimize interference (huh??? you have two channels but cannot use a second camera?) This seems very short sighted to me unless their expected demographic is only for people with one child, especially for the cost of this system.Another oddity is the use NiCad batteries in the portable monitor, Nicads have well documented memory effect issues if you don't allow them to completely discharge before recharging them, this is another inconvenience that I am not sure why they chose this instead of NIMH or LI-Ion batteries.I suppose I can live with the battery issue but the camera issue is making me consider returning this product for another that will fit my needs.

Sat, August 4, 2012 @ 9:20 PM

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