A Blessing in Teenage Form

Summers are so much fun at Infant Crisis Services, thanks in large part to the wonderful teenagers who participate in our summer teen program.

The teens each dedicate 25 hours of their summer volunteering. It is very refreshing to walk into the playroom and see the teens feeding babies or crawling around on the floor with the toddlers. The program is great for students who need to earn community service hours for school and is a good addition to future resumes and college admission applications.

But those who benefit the most from the summer teen program are the babies! Seriously, just look at the face of the little guy on the left! He is having a blast, and I bet if you asked Taylor Brown, the teen volunteer playing with him, she'd tell you it was pretty fun for her too. It truly warms my heart to have such a great group of teenagers spending their summer helping the tiniest Oklahomans in need.

If you are interested in taking part in next year's summer teen program, you can find details here.

On a completely unrelated note... does anyone else think the adorable little dude in the last picture looks like a baby Joe Jonas? Just look at that hair! I'm in love.