A Tennessee Mother on an Oklahoma Mission

We've had the privilege of meeting some amazing people through our tornado relief efforts. Hundreds of people from all over the country have donated to us or volunteered their time to help us help the babies impacted by the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma back in May.

But occasionally one volunteer's story will stand out as truly exceptional... Jessica is one of those stories.

Jessica is a mother of two who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Right after the tornadoes she started gathering items to send to those impacted by the storms. Originally, she was just storing the things she collected in her garage and planned on shipping a couple of boxes to us. But her mission quickly grew larger than she could have ever imagined. Her "Buckets of Love" drive was so successful that a semi-truck became the only feasible way to get the all of the donations to Oklahoma. So she found a company to donate a semi and a driver, she got Love's to donate the gas, and she personally flew to Oklahoma to meet the truck at Infant Crisis Services.

Her story doesn't stop there. She stayed in Oklahoma for several days, volunteering with the relief efforts. Everyone at Infant Crisis Services fell in love with this caring mother from Tennessee who took time away from her own family to help complete strangers. Jessica will forever be part of our Oklahoma family.