A tiny place in the middle of this entire universe...

I just finished speaking to a unique client today. I don't know exactly why but I wanted to share her story with you. She came in without a referral because she didn't have WIC, Food Stamps, or any social services. She was told about us through a CASA worker, and she also used to volunteer for them.Ana told me I would want to meet with her because needed many more resources.

When I met her she was very shy and nervous acting, but opened up a lot the more we spoke. She told me she was very nervous and wasn't doing well. I think she was going through a bad divorce and was in a tough position in life. She really just needed help with diapers and Alimentum because it's $25 a can.

She wanted individual counseling but didn't have insurance-- and usually this is very easy to refer a client who has Medicaid, or their child does. She did not have Medicaid though.  In this case, I had to find places that were completely free and didn't require insurance. Luckily,I found her some places in the Oklahoma City area.

When she left, we walked to her car and talked a little more. She was very grateful and still some what embarrassed. I didn't like that she felt that way, but I can imagine if I were in that position, maybe I'd feel embarrassed. I guess the point of me telling you this story... I'm just proud of the place I work, and if I was in a tough situation one day in my life, I'd be so grateful for a place like Infant Crisis Services. One can have a college degree, drive a decent car, wear nice clothes, and their lives can hit a bumpy spot.  So, thank goodness there are places like this!

This tiny place, in the middle of this entire universe, country, state, city... changes so many lives.....

-Meg Standefer
Family Services Coordinator