A Visionary's Honor

Our Executive Director would never call herself a "visionary." In fact, Miki Farris probably wouldn't even tell you that others have given her this great title. She is truly just that humble. But since I am the blogger, I am going to take a moment and brag on my boss. (Sorry, Miki)

Tuesday night, The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits recognized four nonprofit leaders at the Visions 2013 Awards Banquet (pictured above). Visions honors those who are making a positive change in the community and enriching those whom they serve. Honorees are considered champions of service in Oklahoma who provide resources that would not otherwise be available. Miki Farris definitely fits that description, so it's no wonder she was given the prestigious Pat Potts Visionary Award.

Miki co-founded Infant Crisis Services nearly 30 years ago and still runs the organization to this day. She's grown this organization from serving just 500 babies in 1984 to more than 14,000 this year! And her dreams to help even more babies and toddlers don't stop there. She wanted to reach those whose parents don't have transportation to get to one of our facilities, so we launched a BabyMobile in October. And it has been a huge success, so far! There is no telling what other dreams and visions Miki has for Infant Crisis Services in the future, but I know that whatever she puts her mind to, it will be great! Congratulations to Miki and the other visionaries that were honored last night! You have truly earned and deserve this recognition. Here are a few pictures from the event courtesy of Carl Shortt Photography.

Jim and Miki Farris

Katherine Buxton, Kathy Bookman, Susan Love and Miki Farris

Miki Farris and Pat Potts

Jim and Miki Farris and their beautiful family