An Unlikely Friendship

Last Friday, our Client Services Coordinator, Ana Davis and our Family Services Coordinator, Meg Standerfer, met a couple of wonderful ladies who came to us from the Salvation Army. The two met, and even though they spoke different languages, formed an immediate friendship.  

Not only does Infant Crisis Services help babies and toddlers in need, we also help connect their families to additional resources, so they are better equipped to get out their crisis. Every time we see new clients Meg meets with them about to discuss other services they may need. During the short survey inquiring about additional resources, one of the women wrote the words “domestic violence." Meg gave her as much information as possible on the topic, and directed her to other organizations in Oklahoma that would be able to help her get back on her feet. In talking with the woman and her friend who accompanied her, we quickly realized, despite their differences, the two had similar pasts. Both had escaped domestic abuse. Both were staying at the Salvation Army to seek a safer life for themselves and their children. Both found a friend in the midst of a very dark situation. Naomi and Karla were brave enough to leave their situations and brave enough to share their stories.



These woman aren't alone. Around the world, one in three women is a victim of abuse. If you are being abused by a family member there is help.

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My daughter Camden was a beautiful, intelligent miracle that brought joy to all that knew her. My husband and I had 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy, before we were told we had 1 more shot, or we would probably not be able to have a baby . Camden was our miracle. At first my husband and I were too afraid to tell people, because of the past. We waited until July 4th, 2011 to announce that I had officially made it through the 1st trimester . I was still terrified though, terrified to feel that emptiness, again, that the miscarriages had brought to our family. I held my breath through 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 25 weeks, and then when I got to 32 weeks I finally breathed and embraced our blessing. My husband and I had started buying nursery decorations from day 1 but we didn t set anything up until that 32 week mark hit, we were too scared. On February 14, 2012 our little Princess made her debut at exactly 41 weeks. I am a lover of all things pink, so naturally I was beyond exstatic that our miracle princess had been born on the pinkest day of the year! My husband and I were so overjoyed at the fact that we had done it we officially had our own little family, that the exhaustion, the feedings, the diapers, the crying didn t phase us. We wanted it. Little did we know, that the fear we held for 41 weeks, was still going to come true. Camden was at the babysitters that morning, when I recieved the call . I drove 90 mph to the hospital (literally) to meet with my husband and EMS. I kept screaming please let me see her, please let me see my daughter , but my husband just hugged me and cried. I knew when I asked for a Chaplain, and they responded that one was already on the way the worst news in the world and our fears, were about to come. My daughter passed away at 12 weeks 3 days old on May 17th, 2012. There is not a single second of the day that goes by that I don t think of her. Everytime I pass the graveyard, I blow kisses to her and tell her I love her. Every night when my husband and I say our prayers we ask God to tell her we love her and to give her a big hug. If you live in the Harrisonburg, VA area you may start to notice Cans for Cami signs and collection bins around (we have 10 business participating currently and always looking for more!) October is SIDS awareness month, we are collecting empty aluminum cans from August 31st October 31st to cash in and donate to First Candle, a SIDS research and counseling organization. Please help us in our fight to end SIDS. Please, don t allow this unknown to continue to destroy families, and precious little Angel s lives. Fighting SIDS is so deeply personal and important to myself and family, that we hope you can find strength in helping us win this war .The blog I have listed is an online journal of letters to my daughter, Camden, I have written to her since she left us to go live with God.

Wed, January 29, 2014 @ 8:30 AM

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