Be Part of the Solution

Our babies and toddlers need your help!

The solution is in our hands.  Little ones in our community are hungry.  Little ones like Makayla. 

Makayla's mother brought her to Infant Crisis Services a few months ago.  She was only six months old and unaware of the turmoil her family was experiencing.  You see, her father had broken his leg and was out of work, making it impossible for him to provide for baby Makayla.  Makayla's mom had been staying at home full time, but was now looking for a job and needed a little help for her family during their difficult time.  She heard about Infant Crisis Services from a friend and hoped we could help.  We provided Makayla with diapers, formula and food...the basic necessities of life that every baby deserves.

There are thousands of families in our community just like Makaylas who are unable to provide their children with formula, diapers, baby food and clothing. This is simply unacceptable. Will you be part of the solution? When you give to Infant Crisis Services you provide hope in the form of food and diapers to the smallest of the poor and hungry.

  • $25 will pay for a week’s worth of formula for a baby in need.
  • $100 allows us to feed a baby for an entire month.
  • $500 will make a significant impact on the fight against childhood hunger.

Babies like MaKayla need people like you.  Your generous, immediate support is vital to our tiniest of citizens in need.

The solution is here.  Please help today.

Always for the babies,

Miki Farris, Executive Director

P.S. Tell a friend how they can be a part of the solution and help us reach out to babies and toddlers in need of our help.