Birthday Baby!

Birthday's are a big deal around here.  We always make sure the staff member or volunteer's birthday is extra special if they are spending the day at Infant Crisis Services.  But nothing is more special than a babies first birthday!

On August 11th, we had the privilege of joining little Suzie in her first birthday celebration.  We all scrambled around to find something we could contribute to Suzie's birthday.  Miss Martha picked her out a new Minnie Mouse outfit, Ginnie searched for a matching headband, Debbi found her a new stuffed animal and I sang her happy birthday while bouncing her on my hip.  We all clapped when she worked on her wobbly walk and laughed when she smiled her toothless smile. 

Unfortunately, for many families we serve, birthdays are not filled with birthday cakes, balloons and presents, but we hope our small gestures helped make this special day more memorable for mom and baby. 

Always for the babies,

Amy Spielberger, Public Relations Coordinator