Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Infant Crisis Services is governed by a volunteer board of directors, each with specific talents and expertise in areas that help to grow and expand the organization and its mission.


  • Cindy Batt, Chair
  • Jason Osborn, Vice Chair
  • DiAnne Bryant, Secretary
  • Linda Hildebrant, Treasurer
  • Kathy Oden-Hall, Board Governance Chair


  • Kathy Bookman
  • Kristine Browne
  • Katherine Buxton
  • Kathie Calbone
  • David Cottrell
  • Roger Farrell
  • Polly Fleet
  • Carolyn Ann Hansing
  • Ken Howell


  • Pat Lewis
  • Toni Parks-Payne
  • Whitney Rainbolt
  • Cherish Ralls
  • Marisa Records
  • Maria Robles Meyers
  • Tim Scott
  • G. Calvin Sharpe
  • Linda Slawson
  • Marny Dunlap, MD, Pediatric Consultant