Carney Christmas

Last week, I had the pleasure of offering a tour of our mission to three special donors. The Carney kids, Caden, 8, Micaela, 6, and Ava, 4, are a trio of bright, refreshingly-curious donors who love to help others. They visited Infant Crisis Services to deliver $439.50 – the total amount of money they collected from their Christmas lights show in Edmond. The show, which ran from Nov. 24, 2011, until Jan. 6, 2012, featured a magical display of lights that danced to traditional Christmas songs like “O’ Holy Night” by David Phelps and “Silent Night” by Sinéad O’Connor as well as new favorites like “Christmas with a Capital ‘C’” by Go Fish and “Wizards in Winter” by Trans-Siberan Orchestra.

It was an unexpected treat to meet three children who are knowledgeable of not only their blessings, but the fact that they should use their blessings to bless others in need. Thank you, Caden, Micaela and Ava! Because of your efforts, we will be able to provide formula, food and diapers to needy babies and toddlers in our community.

You can watch videos of the songs on the Carney family’s website,

Caden, 8, Ava, 4, and Micaela, 6, deliver money they collected from their Christmas lights show in Edmond to Jo Jones, director of development and communications, last week. They collected more than $400.

- Courtney Mayberry, Communications Coordinator