Cookbook Committee



I love working at Infant Crisis Services.  I love the mission, the babies, donors, staff, board and the volunteers.  Today I had the pleasure of attending a noon meeting with the Cookbook committee. The committee consists of many of our devoted volunteers.  Someone provided a tasty sampling of several of the recipes that will be featured in the cookbook and all I can say is I know you are going to want to buy one of these cookbooks.

 I wanted to relate some of my observations as I sat through their meeting. (They didn’t actually invite me, but I attended anyway!)  It seems that they all like talk at the same time, and because they are talking at the same time they have to try and talk louder than the person beside them.  I heard at one meeting they had to be holding the “magic pen” to be able to talk. Each of them has a very strong opinion. Half of them liked one font and the other half wanted another.  When anyone made a suggestion that was not acceptable there was no polite “thanks for your opinion” it was a loud and decisive “NO”.   I also noticed that at the end of the meeting they were all friends again, speaking in their inside voices and anxiously looking forward to the next meeting.  The title of the cookbook is “What’s Cookin’ Baby?”  It’s the perfect title for this committee who send half their time half cracking jokes and laughing!

 I know I am a little prejudiced but could an agency be any more blessed?  We have so many folks who make up the beautiful tapestry of this organization.  I often ask myself how I have been so fortunate to be involved with Infant Crisis Services for all these years.  I hope the cookbook committee sells thousands of their books.  They have raised enough money the cost of publishing the book is covered and they even have a little profit.  So we’ll let you know when you can purchase one of your very own.  We snapped a quick photo of the cookbook committee in action so you too will see what goes on behind the scene.  These are folks who are making it happen and who are doing so for one simples reason…because they believe no baby should hungry.