Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteerism

Is your business or corporation looking to improve employee morale, team building and possibly develop new skills that will also make a huge impact in the lives of needy babies and toddlers in your community? We would like to help you with that! Your business or corporation will make a huge impact in our community and build company morale among your employees with these three opportunities listed below.

1.) Volunteer at your location.

Your business or corporation may not have the ability to volunteer during the work week, but you can still help. This opportunity,  for the month of November, can be a great team building opportunity with a friendly competition twist! Our Bedlam for Babies In-kind Drive is a great way for Sooner and Cowboy fans to collect much needed supplies for the babies and toddlers we are privileged to serve. Whoever brings the most donations, Sooners or Cowboys, gets bragging rights! 

If you are planning a company holiday party, we have another drive called Hope for the Holidays. Past drives have included; a tree or wreath adorned with these ornaments or placed in holiday cards. On the back of these ornaments is a short wish list. Employees can  select an ornament  and then bring their donations to the holiday gathering. As a result, your team helps provide much needed basic necessities for needy babies and toddlers in our community. 

Both in-kind drives can be modified to meet the needs of your business or corporation guidelines or you can create your own drive!

For more information  and register your drive click here.  

2.) Volunteer at Infant Crisis Services.

If your business or corporation would like to volunteer at Infant Crisis Services, we can schedule a group of 15 employees (maximum) in 2-3 hour increments. Some of the activities include friendly competitions like the Diaper Derby and  the Food Pack Off. The competitions usually yield more than 100 diaper packs or food packs that will feed and diaper more than 100 babies or toddlers for a week. This is a fun way to improve employee morale while making a difference in the lives of needy babies and toddlers. To ensure an excellent volunteer experience, please request a time frame six months in advance. If you are interested, Click here to fill out the Group Request Form

3.) Volunteer at an upcoming event for Infant Crisis Services.

Infant Crisis Services has many opportunities for groups of 15 or larger to help with events that ultimately raise awareness of our services. This is a great way for businesses and corporations to get involved if volunteering during the week is not an option. Weekend opportunities are available. For more information or a list of the upcoming opportunities, contact Danielle Morgan, volunteer coordinator.

Want to double your impact? Let us know on your groups request form if your company, business, or corporation provides a match for charitable gifts!

We look forward to working with you and thank you for your efforts to make a difference in your community!