Creatively Cute!

Today, we received a donation that put a huge smile on my face, and on the face of little Waylon (pictured left). The Oklahoma State Fair Creative Arts Department delivered about 60 items that were all handmade by their exhibitors. We received blankets and quilts (which we DESPERATELY needed), booties, hats, toys and little outfits.

To say that everything donated was beautiful is an understatement. It was all exquisite! Everything was so cute it looked like a box of props used by professional photographers. A couple of us ladies spent a good chunk of time 'oohing and awing' over all the great items. The adorable owl hat that our client, Waylon, is wearing in the picture is just one of the items donated. We are so excited to bless our families with these works of art and greatly appreciate the talent and love that went into handcrafting each and every donated items for our babies. Thank you from owl of us to you!