Diaper Need Awareness Week

Every day in Oklahoma, parents are faced with the difficult decision between paying the utility bills and buying diapers for the month. We see it all the time. Parents will come to Infant Crisis Services with their babies bottom wrapped in nothing but a receiving blanket. I've had moms hug me when I hand them a week's supply of diapers because they were down to their very last one, and didn't know where else to turn. It's sad, but it's an unfortunate reality for many families.  This is such a serious issue in our state that Governor Mary Fallin has signed a proclamation declaring September 8-14 as Diaper Need Awareness Week.

Although there are government resources and agencies that assist with baby formula and food, none assists with the cost of diapers. Infant Crisis Services in Oklahoma City and Emergency Infant Services in Tulsa are the only agencies in the state that supply diapers to needy babies and toddlers. 

It pains me to think what life would be like for our clients if these organizations did not exist. Leaving a baby in a soiled diaper can have a severe impact on the health, economic and emotional well-being of the child, parent and household. Not only can it lead to diaper rash but it can cause infections, irritability and difficulty in parent-child attachment. The guilt that a caregiver often feels when they are unable to provide clean diapers adds stress and tension to the already difficult task of parenting.

At Infant Crisis Services, we recognize that healthy communities start with healthy babies. We know clean diapers are a necessity for healthy infants and toddlers. By meeting this basic health need, we are helping babies and communities thrive.