Diaper Pack Off

At Infant Crisis Services, we serve roughly 1,200 babies a month. Each client we serve receives a pack of 36 diapers... enough to last an entire week. That's 43,200 diapers we give out every month!

Many of those diapers are donated, others we buy in bulk. Our awesome volunteers are often tasked with neatly assembling those diapers in packs of 36. And two of them have it down to an art!

Mother/daughter duo, Shannon and Janice, (or as we affectionately call them: Shannice) are diaper packing pros!  So we created a little competition, all in good fun. Shannice challenged volunteers from Sprint to a contest, to see who could create the most diaper packs in a 30 minutes.

Team Sprint and Team Shannice each recruited a third volunteer, and then on the count of three, the Diaper Pack Off began! They had to separate the diapers into bundles of 36, sack them, tape them off, and write the diaper size on the sack.

In the end both teams did really well, but Team Shannice out packed Team Sprint, to win the challenge.

All together, the two teams packed 4,200 diapers in under 27 minutes! Despite the competitiveness of the teams, it was all smiles and hugs when the competition ended.

Thanks to all of these hard-working, fun-loving volunteers who make each day at Infant Crisis Services an enjoyable experience!