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Q&A with Ana Davis about why she supports the Teen Associate Board Auction
Why did you choose to support the Teen Associate Board auction?
First, my husband, Mark and I support the auction for the babies. This is a great way to raise money that Infant Crisis Services will use to buy formula, food and diapers. Another reason we support the auction is because our son, Kevin, has served on the Teen Associate Board from 2008-2011. Thanks to him, our whole family became involved! I’ve heard that you have donated a variety of items from Peru to be auctioned.

Can you describe some of them?
All of the items I donate are from Peru. I want people to know about stuff from there. I have donated hand-crafted items including beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, decorative lamps, house wares and authentic Peruvian spirits like red wines and pisco (a type of brandy). People appreciate this kind of stuff and I love it, really. One of my favorite moments was seeing the results of the teens’ hard work.

What is one of your fondest memories of attending the auction?
In the past, I really have enjoyed seeing Kevin ask for help on behalf of the babies and encouraging him to reach his fundraising goals. Last year’s “Baby on Board” nautical theme was fun and very relaxed. It was so nice to see the teens dressed in their cruise attire and leis.

What do you think Kevin learned from participating in the Teen Associate Board Auction?
He has learned how to work together with other kids and to have the courage to go and ask for donations for a charitable cause. Participating in the auction has built his confidence to request help and work hard for the babies. And that’s what it’s all about.

What is most special about this event?
Attending the auction is a lot of fun – especially because you have the opportunity to witness how much effort the teens have poured into planning it to make it a success. There are a variety of auction items. Each year the items are so different! Bring your family and friends and make it a memorable evening.