I love babies- there is no secret about it! Often I hear a little one crying from my desk and rush out to the playroom to see if I can hold or calm the little one. All babies are cute to me, especially babies with brown doe eyes, model long eye lashes and big round baby heads. It was no surprise when I fell in love with a little boy from a reel of photos recently taken for Infant Crisis Services. He was perfect. We used him on our Christmas card, brochures, ads and other materials. I loved him!

Today after lunch, I thought I’d take a stroll through the playroom, maybe get lucky and rock a little one before everyone made it back from their lunch break. A mom walk passed me to the play area, plopping down a brown eyed boy. He was adorable, wearing a gray sweat suit. As his mother walked away, I took my chance to talk with him, in hopes he would let me hold him. He just looked at Amy and I standing there, just a wide eyed little stare. Not a smile, not a budge, although I swear he was about to let out a cry, we started talking to him anyway. “Amy, I think he is our baby. You know the baby we use on everything.” “You think so,” Amy says. “Yeah, yeah it’s him.” I bypass her, while she goes to find his mom, and put my hands out in hopes he’ll let me hold him again… and he does!

We sit down together in the red rocking chair and in Spanish I say “como te llamas,” “cuantos anos tienes,” and get no response in return. He just looks at me and we continue to rock. Finally after some teasing, he cracks a smile… and a sweet innocent smile. Then he lays his head on my should, we rock and I sing, while he nestles down for a nap.

When Amy inquires with his mother, she shows her the photo that was taken of him by our photographer -- she carries it around in her diapers bag. Amy then brings her the Infant Crisis Services brochure -- his mother is overwhelmingly happy to see her son’s picture on the front. Amy comes over saying, “want to know what his name is?” yes, I nod. “Franklin….” Franklin! I never would have expected that. He points toward the ornaments rotating around on the mobile, never saying a word. Getting to meet little Franklin made my day.