Future Athletes in the Making

This week, in true OKC Thunder playoff spirit, we've been taking pictures of some of our adorable clients in Thunder bibs and even a couple of the Thunder players shoes. We were given two pair of shoes worn and signed by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook respectively to auction off at our Teen Associate Board Charity Auction on May 3rd. (Tickets are still available here)

Seeing these precious babies in their NBA gear made me think about the potential in each of them. Maybe one of these babies WILL grow up to play a professional sport... We might have a future Russell Westbrook of Kevin Durant in our playroom right now. We could be helping an infant who will someday discover a cure for cancer or run for political office. Perhaps there is is a toddler in our playroom who will someday design skyscrapers or write a best-selling novel. We may be helping future teachers, lawyers, bankers, actors, journalists, doctors or scientists. The possibilities are endless.

Our hope at Infant Crisis Services is to provide a better future for these babies. By feeding and diapering our tiniest citizens today we are helping them to grow up stronger, healthier and smarter.