Happy Holidays from our Executive Director

The most wonderful time of the year!   I love the Christmas season.  But there are several things that I adore about the season as an employee at Infant Crisis Services.  We decorate a warmth tree each Christmas and hang hats and mittens on it.  The tree sits in a prominent spot in the check-in area where the families wait until they are called back for services.  The tree serves as an invitation to our babies and toddlers to please take a hat and mittens!  And they do.  In fact on any given day you will find a child or several children in the playroom with their new hat proudly displayed on their head “plucked” freshly from the warmth tree.   There they are adorned with their brand new hat and mittens (usually with the tag still attached), for the duration of their time here. It is a precious sight and is just one of my favorite things. 

Another favorite thing is when the mail arrives.  It is heartwarming to see the stack of well wishes and donations from a community that believes that all babies and toddlers deserve life’s basic necessities. 

Then there are the favorite things that are my favorite sounds of the season.  One of those is the sound of the back doorbell in the warehouse.  There are hundreds of in-kind donations that arrive during the holiday season.  Many groups, businesses, churches, synagogues, organizations and individuals are collecting items for the babies and toddlers we serve.  Some collections are so large that it takes more than one vehicle to get them to us! 

Last but not least is the sound of the families who arrive here for services.  Many of them are overwhelmed by their current need and grateful for the generosity extended to them here. Generally the sounds we hear from them are sighs of relief and/or words of appreciation.  It is a busy time of year around here during the holidays.  The stress level builds here just like it does at home, but there is always something wonderful happening as well.  The sights and sounds of the holiday season are all around us but no where are they as sweet as they here!