Hot Temps Pose Danger for Children

It happens every year. Just as soon as the temperature soars above 100 degrees, we hear heartbreaking news of a baby left in a sweltering hot car.

Authorities believe the death of a one-month-old girl from Ardmore, Monday, may have been heat-related. According to media reports, she was traveling in the back seat of a car with no air conditioning and only one working window when she was discovered unconscious and rushed to the emergency room.

Often times, we hear similar stories of parents or daycare workers accidentally forgetting a sleeping baby in the back seat. Those stories never have a good outcome. With outside temperatures in the triple digits, the inside of your car literally becomes an oven. We've all seen the news reports and science experiments where they cook an egg or bake cookies on the dashboard of a car, right? It only takes a few minutes before a car with the ignition turned off becomes dangerously hot and deadly.

This is why we are once again advising parents to take appropriate precautions to protect their children during these scorching summer months.

Here is the best advice for any caretaker: put your purse, briefcase or any other item that you always take with you when you leave the car in the backseat. That way, when you go to grab your bag, you will also be double-checking the backseat to make sure your baby isn't still in it.

Please use the same caution with your pets, as well. Moral of the story, don't take any chances. If it's living, don't leave it in a hot car.