How do you describe what you do?

If you had to describe your day in just one word, what would it be? Busy? Hectic? Stressful?

I'm sure those are all fitting words to describe many jobs across the nation. But how about fun, rewarding, love and happy? Those are the words used to describe Infant Crisis Services by our amazing teen volunteers. Each summer, about 100 teenagers spend their vacation volunteering their time with our organization. We love having them in the building! Each day, when we walk out in the playroom there is at least one or two teenagers down on the floor playing with the toddlers. At lunch, we asked them to describe their experience in one or two words, and we received some great responses! We decided to post them on the volunteer board for all to see. My personal favorite: Happy Babies! 

How can your day be anything other than amazing when "happy babies" is the fruit of your labor? Thanks to all the teens in the summer volunteer program! We love your energy and eagerness to make a difference!