Hunger Doesn't Take a Summer Break

For many families summer means vacations, road trips and spending time at the pool. But for thousands of families in Oklahoma and across the country, summer is a time of anxiety and food insecurity.

For struggling parents who have school-aged children, summer means having to provide additional meals during the day for children who ordinarily would receive free or discounted meals at school. It could also mean mom or dad has to take time off work to stay home with the children or spend hundreds of dollars more out of pocket every month to provide daycare for their kids.

Many of the babies and toddlers that we serve have older brothers and sisters who are in school. All of the families we serve are struggling, for one reason or another. We know that hunger doesn't take a summer break, and neither do we.

June is National Hunger Awareness Month. It's fitting because June is also a critical month for food insecurity.

As you go about your summer activities this season, please remember the 28,000 babies and toddlers in central Oklahoma who live in poverty and may be at risk of going to bed hungry.

You can help us reach them by joining the fight against childhood hunger.