Join us for a tour!

“Infant Crisis Services provides life sustaining formula, food and diapers to babies and toddlers in times of crisis…because no baby should go hungry.”

This is our mission. We fight childhood hunger, and we support the tiniest citizens in our community with kindness, compassion, respect and love every single day. These words are powerful, but nothing is as powerful as witnessing our mission in action. Coming to Infant Crisis Services and taking a tour is the most effective way to inform our community about what we do.

We can write for days about our organization, but nothing explains it more than picking up one of the babies, cradling his tiny body in your arms and watching him as he explores the world with his sweet, curious eyes. And knowing, as you look at him with his whole life before him, that this moment at Infant Crisis Services can make a huge difference in his life. He will not go to bed hungry tonight. His diaper will be dry and he will be nicely tucked in with his new baby blanket. This is what we do and can only be experienced. We know that seeing, hearing and feeling is the best way to spread the word.

Please, help us inform others about our organization by coming on a tour and inviting your family and friends to come along with you. The tours can last from 15 minutes to an hour. It’s whatever suits you best. We give tours Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please, call Cassie at 778-7620 if you’d like to schedule a tour.