Michigan Youth give to help feed babies

This a letter we received recently in the mail with a check.

Dear Infant Crisis Services Incorporated,

Hi, my name is Claire and my best friend's name is Sara.  We are both eleven years old and live in Michigan.  Together we run a small business called Kaps for Kids.  Kaps for Kids is a business that sell caps off of chapstick, food, shampoo, pretty much anything.  But we don't just sell them (that would be pretty much pointless) we decorate them with stickers, beads and other craft supplies.  Then we sell them to friends, family and even a few strangers.  We started this business so we could collect money for charity, but we had no idea which charity we should donate to, so we did a little research.  When we discovered your business our eyes lit up.  We thought what better charity could we donate to than one that donates to babies and toddlers.  I have four younger siblings (two of them are toddlers) and Sara had three toddler/baby cousins and we just can't imagine any of them without food, clothing or diapers.  Our first donation is $190.50.  We hope this helps a lot.  Expect more donations! 

Claire and Sara

P.S. If you have any questions please write back!

What amazing girls!  We did better than write back we called Claire and Sara.  The girls were giddy that we had called to thank them.  We are so happy to see that our mission is impacting this young girls 850 miles away!  Thank you Sara and Claire!  We hope one day you will see our mission in action here in Oklahoma.