Mother of the Year

    For a shocking number of babies, the most basic needs in life such as food, formula, or even diapers are beyond reach. In fact, one in four babies in the state of Oklahoma live in poverty. This astonishing statistic set executive director, Miki Farris, on a path to make a difference. 
    In 1984 she convinced the members of her Sunday school class they should pass on their good fortune to others. They launched Infant Crisis Services with one simple mission; to feed and diaper babies and toddlers whose families are unable to do so. But she took it a step further, each baby and caregiver would be treated with compassion and respect. Our mission statement reads: Infant Crisis Services provides life-sustaining formula, food and diapers to babies and toddlers in times of crisis... because no baby should go hungry. 
    Miki has remained true to that mission more than 26 years by quietly and compassionately providing a dry diaper, a warm blanket and a full tummy to the tiniest victims of poverty. She has developed a small church mission into a vital social services agency unlike any other in the area. Her vision has made a significant impact on the lives of babies who could be easily overlooked. Miki is beautiful inside and out, exuding a humble spirit and an honest love of babies. Every day she takes time to rock a baby… sharing not only her time, but her genuine desire to make a difference in their young lives.
At one point in her life, Miki was the single mother of two daughters which has given her a deep appreciation for the emotional and financial difficulties that her clients face. She truly believes anyone could be a paycheck away from a crisis; therefore she never looks down at those who need help. Whether they are the CEO of a corporation or the jobless, homeless mother of three, Miki treats everyone with respect and compassion. Her commitment to Infant Crisis Services and the babies and toddlers we serve has made a significant impact on her staff, the community and the lives of countless children.