My distraction from work

We all get distraced at work.  For some it's on a phone or listening to music, but for me it is what is going on in the playroom.  Between the administrative area and the playroom there are double doors with two circle windows.  Every time I walk by those doors to go to the kitchen, the bathroom or wherever, I peek through those little windows into the playroom.  Let me tell you this can be very, very distracting.  If I get up between the hours of 9 am -4 pm, when we have clients, and I see a baby in their car seat or a toddler wobbling by I immediately divert through those double mind completely lost on what I was just about to do.  Today, I was on my way to the kitchen with two cups in hand when I took one look through those windows and saw a one-month-old baby girl sitting in her car seat bundled in pink blankets. Needless to say I took a sharp left and headed straight to the baby where I proceeded to coo at her for a good ten minutes (cups still in hand mind you).  But I have to say that distraction is sometimes the best part of my day.

The windows:

Always for the babies,
Amy Spielberger, Public Relations Coordinator