My Personal Connection

I began my summer internship with Infant Crisis Services about 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. I am learning a lot and have already had such a great experience. It is amazing how many diapers, food, formula and clothes are needed and given to families day to day. I love seeing the ways our community helps others and a lot of what is done wouldn’t be possible without the help of our community. I also love seeing families get what they need, right away. They can walk in, get services and leave with not only a cart full of items but hopefully a happier person, knowing their baby will not go to bed hungry that night.

There is a lot to be done behind the scenes at Infant Crisis Services to make sure that babies are fed and families can be served. I have been interning in the Public Relations department, where I have done a wide variety of things and I am enjoying everything I have learned so far. Not only has everyone been very welcoming, but great teachers. I am privileged to be learning from great people, while doing a great thing and helping out children in need. Seeing individuals receive help motivates me to want to stay involved with Infant Crisis Services and help Oklahoma’s hungry children.

Everyone at Infant Crisis Services loves being here and what they do, which makes it a great and enjoyable place to be. I also have especially enjoyed having the privilege to be able to hold babies and play with the toddlers almost any time of the day. I don’t view everyday as work, but as something that is fun, enjoyable, and a small way that we can help others. I love the positive and friendly atmosphere and I am so happy that I have been able to have such a great experience being an intern at Infant Crisis Services!