On-Call Volunteer for Special Events

We are often in need of volunteers to assist with our special events.  If you are interested in volunteering occasionally at an event, complete the volunteer application and select “special events only” on the Position     Desired tab.  Your email will be added to a list of on-call volunteers. We will email opportunities as they come available. If you are able to volunteer, simply respond to the email and details will be communicated to you. If you are unable to volunteer, simply wait until another opportunity arises that fits your schedule!

Some examples of previous special events:

· Just between friends Consignment sale: volunteers worked the entry, assisted with clothing and helped close out the sale at the end.

· Setting up or breaking down table and tents at events

· Traffic control at car seat events or other off site location.

· If you are a night owl, we always need help breaking down the Boots and Ball Gowns gala at midnight.

We usually schedule volunteers in two hour increments. If you can do more that is awesome! But usually shifts are two hours in the morning or two hours in the evening.