One in Three Moms Struggles to Pay for Diapers

Every day at Infant Crisis Services we see moms and dads desperate for diapers. I've seen parents come in for an appointment and immediately ask for a clean diaper so they can change their baby. We've had many families tell us they routinely have to make the difficult decision between paying utility bills or buying diapers for the month. I've sat across from countless moms who were distraught over having to leave their baby in a wet or soiled diaper for far too long. It's sad, but it's an unfortunate reality for many parents. In fact, a new study out today in the journal Pediatrics shows one in three moms has struggled to pay for diapers. That is a staggering statistic!

For this reason, diapers are a very large part of our mission. There are government resources and agencies to assist with formula and food, but none that assists with the cost of diapers. Just as hunger and food insecurity are huge health and safety risks for babies, soiled diapers are as well.

It pains me to think what life would be like for our clients if our organization did not exist. In many states, there is not an organization or agency like Infant Crisis Services, leaving families who are struggling without anywhere to turn. NBC News takes an extensive look at this issue. The story, which was published Monday, July 29, shows just how critical the need is to have organizations that provide assistance with diapers. Going without diapers has significant impacts on both babies and parents. I'm thankful to see a media outlet shedding some light on an issue that truly is a nationwide problem.