Pink Camo Shoes

Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. Such was the case with 2 year old Jordyn. She and her mom were in for their appointment on Wednesday. Jordyn entered in her summer shorts and knit shirt sans shoes. I interviewed her mom to find her needs and exited to the warehouse to collect the goods. I returned to find Jordyn and her mom on the floor trying on shoes. It was fitting as Jordyn clearly could use a pair.

Her mom said they she and her husband had actually debated on whether to come in for her appointment as Jordyn only had one pair of shoes and they could only find one shoe from that one pair that morning. She was very grateful there was a pair of pink camouflage tennis shoes that were a perfect fit for Jordyn. Jordyn was clearly in love with her new shoes as she refused to take them off and showed them to anyone in the room who was willing to stop and look.

Those shoes had a new proud owner and they were going to walk out with her, preferably on her feet. We had a full and happy heart for not only helping to relieve the burden of their basic needs but also making one little two year old very happy. This story is only one of many daily joys we experience with the families we are privileged to serve. The simplest thing such as a pair of small shoes makes a big difference. That night I went home and counted how many pairs of shoes I own. I am too embarrassed to reveal the number but it made me sad how much I take for granted that I will wake up each day knowing that I have what I need…but not everyone has that luxury.

We appreciate everyone who allows us the privilege of giving Jordyn that special pair of shoes and for the many other basic essentials that are critical to the babies and toddler we serve. Let’s keep putting shoes on little feet, formula in little tummies and diapers on little bottoms. Together we are making a difference.

Miki Farris

P.S. I just walked back to the warehouse and saw one shirt and one pair of pants on the rack in boys size 2T. If you or any of your friends have clothing boys size…they are desperately needed.