Pretty in Pink... in the Parking Lot

A week ago today, a pipe burst in our entry way due to the freezing temperatures. The incident flooded our waiting room, check out area and part of our playroom. Office and waiting room furniture and toys are piled up in our "moms' boutique" while the effected areas are repaired. Despite this setback, we have continued to serve clients. In fact, we have served more than 130 babies in our parking lot since the incident happened. 

Luckily, the weather is much nicer now. Our client services coordinators probably appreciate the sunshine and so do the families we are serving. Our little client, Alexys, was loving the sun from the comfort of her car seat today. She came to see us Monday afternoon with her mom and 5-year-old sister, Roslyn. The two-month-old was decked out in pink from head to toe. Even her car seat was pink! You could tell Alexys' big sister really loved her, too. While Alexys' mom talked with our client services coordinator Roslyn told us all about her baby sister and how she likes to help her mom take care of her. We were able to provide Alexys with a week's supply of diapers, wipes, formula and other necessities. We hope to be back in our building soon, but until then, thank you Mother Nature for the warmer weather!