Micro-Volunteering Projects

Knit or Crochet 

Our little babies and toddlers love to pick hats off the warmth tree! We set up a tree in our waiting room during the winter months. We attach the hats like ornaments to the tree and moms and little ones can pick a hat. Parents enjoy selecting a hat that is just right for their little one.

Make as many as you want:
Hats: Infant, toddler and big kid sizes
Mittens: Infant, toddler and big kid sizes–Please don't add strings to the mittens. They pose a choking hazard.
Scarves: Toddlers or big kids
Ear warmers: Infants, toddlers and big kids

Sew Blankets

Our babies and toddlers love snuggling up with blankets! If you know how to sew, or make fleece blankets we would love to give your handmade blanket to someone who needs it.
You can make them big enough for a car seat, a crib or toddler bed.
(Try to avoid tying knots with yarn as those can pose as choking hazards to babies who learn by putting everything in their mouths.)
You can make them in all colors and patterns. Babies love patterns and toddlers love characters and animals. 

By completing this project, you will be providing warmth to a baby or toddler in need. Thank you for considering this opportunity.