Proper Nutrition Starts in Infancy

Most parents want to make sure their children are eating right and getting all of the nutrients they need to be healthy and thrive. But many babies and toddlers are lacking proper nutrition, simply because they're families cannot afford formula or food.

Sadly, one in four babies in Oklahoma lives in poverty. Research shows babies and toddlers who are under nourished are plagued with long-term cognitive and behavioral problems.

March is National Nutrition Month, and at Infant Crisis Services, we are helping to raise awareness that proper nutrition starts in infancy.

As the only food bank for babies and toddlers in central Oklahoma, Infant Crisis Services gives out nearly 600 28 ounce cans of formula every month, and supplies hundreds of toddlers with baby food. 

Each year, we help feed and diaper more than 14,000 babies and toddlers, giving them hope for a successful future.