Remembering a mother

Five years ago a client by the name of Rosa came into our office for services. Rosa was a young mother of six kids, three of which were in still in diapers and one still on formula. Rosa was a fun, outgoing mother and loved her kids. Every time they came in for services the kids would always be nicely dressed and clean. Her husband had two jobs to help support the family so Rosa would stay home and care for the kids.

One Friday afternoon Rosa came into our office asking me if I could please find a dress for her oldest daughter’s first communion at church (Her oldest daughter at the time was only seven years of age). I informed her we did not have dresses in that size. Please she pleaded again. Finally I gave in and went to see if I could possibly find anything in white and in her daughter’s size in the warehouse. To my surprise there was a white dress and in size 7. Rosa was hopping up & down with happiness when she saw the dress. She thanked me over and over again. I told her I wanted to see pictures of her daughter in the dress.

The following week DHS called our office. Diana from DHS informed me that Rosa’s mother was in her office and she needed to talk to me. Rosa’s mom thanked me for the beautiful white dress for her granddaughter, and how happy Rosa had been about the dress. She then told me that Rosa had passed away the previous Wednesday due to an aneurism. I was shocked and saddened that her young children would never really get to know their wonderful mother.

Three years later, I still continue to think about Rosa and her kids. To my surprise, her sister recently received services at Infant Crisis Services. We both got teary eyed as we remember Rosa and what a good mother she had been. There are stories you hear and people you will meet at Infant Crisis Services that you never forget -- I will always remember Rosa and glad to have known her.

Becky Philips, Client Services Coordinator