Special need, special formula

Mason is a giggling, bright-eyed, 5-month old. As the youngest of six, he looks up to his sister and four older brothers. Soon he will be strong enough to crawl and then walk just like the big kids. But for now, he needs a little bit of help.

Unfortunately, little Mason has been described by his doctors as failure to thrive. That means that despite his mother Julie’s attempts to breastfeed, his rate of weight gain is significantly below that of other infant boys his age. He has struggled with gastrointestinal issues that have made it difficult for him to digest breast milk and certain types of formulas.

In an effort to determine exactly which formula is right for him, Mason has almost tasted more formulas that the fingers on one small hand: Gerber GoodStart Gentle, Gerber GoodStart Soy, Enfamil Pregestimil and Similac Expert Care Alimentum.

Julie and her husband don’t have any family in the area. Her husband works and they receive assistance from WIC, but it never seems to stretch far enough.

So what’s a mother to do?

Fortunately, Julie turned to Infant Crisis Services for help. Thanks to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s Opportunities for iFund Grant, Infant Crisis Services offers specialized formula, including Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Infant Formula – the formula that Mason digests with ease.

Julie and her kids squeezed in an appointment in the middle of their busy schedule which includes school drop offs and pickups for the older children and meetings with doctors, specialists and nutritionists for Spencer, 3, and Dylan, 1, who also have been described as failure to thrive.

“It’s a blessing. Infant Crisis Services is the answer to our prayers,” said Julie, who couldn’t believe our agency stocked Nutramigen just for needy babies like Mason. “It is very difficult to provide for kids with special needs.”

We are grateful to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for the Opportunities for Children iFund grant. Mason is just one of the needy babies we feed and diaper thanks to our partnership with you. Together, we are improving the quality of life for Mason and other now and for generations to come.


-Courtney Mayberry, Communications Coordinator