Staff member Jo Jones's "aha moment" at Infant Crisis Services

If you have ever visited Infant Crisis Services you know what a warm, welcoming and wonderful place it is.  Much of that is due to the kind volunteers and staff who are dedicated to the mission of feeding and diapering babies in need.  It was that heart-warming dedication that lead me to serve on the board of directors for Infant Crisis Services.  Helping others through my board service was gratifying, but it wasn’t until I became a staff member that I truly gained an understanding of the depth of need that exists for many of our clients.  

When I began working at Infant Crisis Services my son was 2 years old.  Each morning before taking him to daycare, I would sit him on his dresser, take a baby wipe and clean the smudges off the white leather tennis shoes he was wearing.  This was a ritual I performed every morning without fail.  During my second week of work at Infant Crisis Services, I was waiting on a young mother of two children who was overwhelmed and exhausted.  I had filled her cart with diapers, food, formula, clothing, toys, books and blankets, but she had one request… she needed a box of baby wipes.  Of course she did, I thought.  How is she changing her baby’s diaper without them.  I looked in our stock room and couldn’t find a box. With utter regret and embarrassment, I told this sweet mother that I couldn’t help her. 

It was my “aha moment.”  Never again did I clean my son’s shoes with a baby wipe.  In fact I made it a habit to donate boxes of baby wipes when I could, as well as little tennis shoes.  I realized that what we take for granted can be very important and necessary to someone else.  I also learned that I would only be truly happy by giving back what I was blessed to have.  Almost 10 years later, I am still giving my time and energy to providing life’s basic necessities to the tiniest victims of poverty.  And I remain awestruck by the compassion and warmth of my fellow staff members and volunteers.

Jo Jones, Director of Development and Communications