Still There... Long after the Storm

It has been nearly a month since tornadoes devastated communities across central Oklahoma. When you look around the city of Moore today, it is hard to believe a month has passed. There is still so much work to do and so many families in need.

The last four weeks have been a blur. In the days following the tornadoes, we helped more than 550 families impacted by the storms, providing them with a month's supply of diapers, as well as food, formula, wipes and other baby items. That was in addition to the 50+ families we serve every day at our main location and two branches.

While the immediate need has been met, the crisis is far from over. As the residents of Moore, Shawnee, El Reno and the other communities affected work to rebuild, we are still there for them every day.

The tornadoes may not be the lead story on the national news anymore... they may not even be the lead story on the local news, but at Infant Crisis Services, the tornadoes and the flooding that followed is still top of mind.

We are seeing families come back to us for additional assistance, and we are once again glad to help. Whether it is an unanticipated insurance deductible, the cost of rebuilding and replacing their homes, or lost income, many families are still struggling. At the very least, we hope to lift just a small portion of the burden, providing for their babies and toddlers during this time and for months to come.