Summer Smiles All Around

Smiling is something that can be done in relatively no time, but leaves a lasting impression. A smile can completely turn someone’s day around and that is what the wonderful team at Infant Crisis Services is all about. I recently joined the team here as the summer Public Relations and Development Intern.

This has been the best thing I have done all summer! I applied for this position for two reasons: The first reason being that I need to do an internship for school requirements at Oklahoma State University. More importantly, I applied because I once was a baby living in a critical situation and could have benefitted from a place like Infant Crisis Services. Unfortunately, my mom and I lived in California and didn’t have that saving grace Infant Crisis Services offers. I hoped that my working here would allow me to help those who aren’t able to help themselves.

This job is a million times more rewarding than I thought I would be which brings a smile to my face even as I am writing this. To see the wave of relief wash over the parents of these babies is more gratifying than winning the lottery and is a feeling unlike any other. The people I get to work with clearly love their job and have a passion for helping others. Everyone is always smiling and completely awesome to be around. It has been a real privilege to get to be here for the summer and help babies smile as well.

- Christina Allen, Public Relations and Development Intern