"The Best and Most Fulfilling Job"

Last week we received a donation of gently used clothing, bedding and other baby items for a little girl. Along with the donation was this letter. It was so sweet and loving that I wanted to share it with you. The donor, Rachelle, says in the letter that she hopes the baby items bring hope for the new mom who will receive them. 

She says the costume and PJs that she donated aren't the best but that her girls loved playing in them for hours... "As any little princess should."

She ended the letter with a word of encouragement that probably rings true for any new or expectant mother. 

"I know the days ahead can be tough, and it's a tough job to be a mommy. But it's going to be the best and most fulfilling job you've ever had. Enjoy them - they fly be quickly."

 Thank you, Rachelle, for blessing our sweet clients, and for warming our hearts with your sweet words.