The Lone Man

When an organization's mission is to feed and diaper babies, it tends to attract mainly female employees. So it probably won't surprise you to learn that there are 21 women on staff at Infant Crisis Services and only one man. I know what you're thinking, that man must be a saint for putting up with all of us women... And yes, he is!

Alex Buchner is the facilities coordinator, resident spider killer, lifter of heavy things, reacher of really high things and a brother or son to all of us ladies at Infant Crisis Services. We love him, and we're very excited that he is in love! Our Alex is getting married in a couple of weeks to his beautiful bride-to-be, Addie. We love her too! This is a picture of them at Boots and Ball Gowns last year.

So what do 21 women do when the lone man at work gets married? We throw a shower of course! But, we had to make it masculine, so we went with a basketball theme... and wished them a ballin' marriage. There was just one problem. The cookie cake company misspelled marriage... so we actually wished them a "Ballin' Marrage." Sigh... I guess we could have had them redo it and add an 'i', but instead we had them leave it, because after all, there is no 'I' in marriage... only "we."

So to the lovely couple, we wish you the best. Addie, don't worry he is well trained by now... He knows the toilet paper rolls over the top. Congrats you two!