Three Years Old and Growing

In the past three years, Infant Crisis Services has seen tremendous growth. Each year, we are helping more babies than we did during the previous one. In fact, in July we saw 1,320 babies. That is 222 more than July 2012! A lot of that growth is due to our three branch locations.

As you may know, we recently opened a branch in Moore to assist families impacted by the tornado. It has been a huge success! Our other two branches opened three years ago, this month.

We strategically placed those branches in areas where the need is greatest, knowing transportation is often a barrier for families who need help. We are so thankful for our partnerships with Variety Care, on NW 10th and Tulsa and Southwest INTEGRIS where the branches are housed. It has been such a blessing to be able to help those families who otherwise would not be able to make it to our main location.

So, this blog is mainly just to say Happy Birthday to our two toddler branches! You are growing up so fast!