TJ Maxx Helps Babies

Every once in awhile two passions collide. It happened to me this morning. Representatives from TJ Maxx came to Infant Crisis Services to present a $5,000 check to help babies and toddlers in need. 

As the public relations coordinator at Infant Crisis Services loving babies is pretty much a job requirement. And I do love babies so much! My favorite smell: a baby's head. My favorite sound: a baby's laughter. 

But I have a second love, as well. I love clothes, and I love finding great deals on clothes. That's where TJ Maxx comes in. My husband will vouch for me when I tell you that I can't drive by a TJ Maxx without feeling the compelling urge to stop.

For this reason, I was very excited to find out that TJ Maxx gives back to nonprofit organizations in the communities where stores are located. We are very grateful for the donation and loved being able to give the representatives from TJ Maxx's Oklahoma stores a tour of our mission.

So with that said, it's almost time for my lunch break... I think I will go visit my good friend, TJ.