Too much..Too little!

This summer we celebrated birthday number one of my great niece and great nephew. They both have wonderful parents, incredible grandparents and are loved dearly by my whole family. We haven’t had “babies” in the family in over 14 years, so you can imagine the love and attention received by these precious little ones. I was overwhelmed by the amount of material things they received at birth … and then Christmas … and then their birthdays! It was over-the-top! I sat by and watched in amazement. Of course, all they really need is a dry diaper, a full tummy and lots of love, but they have more clothes than they can possibly wear and toys, and gadgets, and stuffed animals galore. I don’t think my family is unusual.

Many of you reading this blog have probably experienced the same. My emotions are mixed. Of course, I’m thrilled that the precious babies in my family are so blessed, but on the other hand, I can’t stop thinking about the babies who come through the doors of Infant Crisis Services with nothing. They are just as precious and deserve just as much. Or, at the very least they deserve a dry diaper, a full tummy and lots of love. So, how do

I reconcile these feelings? I printed off a few precious faces from the Infant Crisis Services website and taped them to the side of two big boxes. I waited until the time was right and gave the boxes to my niece and nephew and told them about Infant Crisis Services. I reminded them how blessed they are to have beautiful, healthy babies that are so loved. Then, I asked them to consider sharing the things they don’t need with the precious babies who come through the doors at Infant Crisis Services. The first box was filled within a few weeks and the second is almost full. Try it! It has totally changed the way I feel. Now, when I see “too much” I hope to find a way to turn it into something for those who have “too little”.

"You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them." William Blake

-Kathy Oden-Hall, Infant Crisis Services Board of Directors