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Tribute gifts are a special way to show someone you care. Honor someone’s birthday, the birth of a baby, or a special occasion by making a gift to Infant Crisis Services. Or give in memory of someone special. We will send a card notifying either the honoree or the deceased person's family that a gift was made in their honor.

Make a gift in honor or in memory of someone on our secure online donation page. Make sure you fill in the box telling us that says the gift is in honor or memory of someone.  We will send a card to the person you would like to acknowledge about the gift.

Please include a note when you mail in your donation explaining the gift is in honor of or in memory of someone. Please include the name and address of the recipient, and we will send a card notifying him/her of the donation.

Please call our Director of Development, Jo Lynne Jones at 405-778-7607.

Several times a year, Infant Crisis Services offers you the unique opportunity to purchase specially designed holiday cards, including Christmas cards, Mother's Day and Father's Day cards.