Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

Last Friday, we held our annual volunteer appreciation luncheon and awards banquet. It's a time for us to love on those amazing people who donate their time to love on babies in need. We have some pretty phenomenal volunteers at Infant Crisis Services. Some of them have been with us for over a decade! Others may have started just a few months ago. But all of them are very special to us. We could not serve the community in the capacity that we do without the work of these dedicated men and women who freely give of their time and talents. 

We named two volunteers of the year at the luncheon, Carol Barnett and Mary Keefe. I can say on a personal note, these two women are like family. I know the rest of the staff agrees. 

Our other award recipients are as follows:

Newcomer Award Raelyn Arnold
Administrative Sherry Park
Baby Mobile Caroline Schuepbach (not pictured)
Ambassador Joann Winters (not pictured)
Corporate Award Access Midstream
Unsung Hero (Teen) Ryal Reddick

It was a county fair themed luncheon complete with a pie judging contest and lots of cowboy boots! Roxanne R won the contest for her coconut cream pie, which was just as pretty as it was tasty.

Thanks again to all our volunteers who work so hard every day to make a difference in our organization and our community.