Volunteer Managers Day

Today is a special day. It is International Volunteer Managers Day and a wonderful opportunity to brag on my team.  Our volunteer department at Infant Crisis Services over sees more than 2,800 volunteers per year. It takes every single volunteer to successfully support the mission of Infant Crisis Services.  We have a phenomenal volunteer staff, largely due to the management team.  Liz DiCenso, Volunteer Coordinator and Renee Vincent, Program Coordinator, work countless hours scheduling, training, recruiting, orienting, motivating, leading, strategizing, planning projects and events, appreciating, supporting and loving these selfless individuals who donate their time to make sure no baby goes hungry in our community. I feel it is important to let these professionals know that they do an amazing job improving and facilitating such a beautiful spirit of volunteerism. Liz and Renee, you help our volunteers “live the mission” by empowering them with knowledge and support. Thank you for all you do! Happy International Volunteer Manager’s Day!