Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. The impact our volunteers have on the community means babies and toddlers go to bed with full tummies and dry bottoms. We couldn’t serve the nearly 20,000 babies and toddlers a year without them.

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

We have several weekly positions available, where volunteers come in for the same shift each week.

Client Intake Specialists

These volunteers work directly with the clients by filling their requests for formula, food and diapers for their babies and toddlers. Training is on the job and requires a three month minimum commitment. Volunteers must be 18 years and older to apply for this position.

Time Commitment: One day per week, one morning or afternoon shift.

Shifts: 8:50 am – 12:00 pm or 12:50 pm – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Hub (Warehouse Assistance)

Our Hub volunteers are one of the reasons we can feed and diaper so many babies. These behind the scenes volunteers stock the shelves with food, formula and diapers. They process donations and work through the donated baby and toddler clothing in our temperature controlled packing rooms or warehouse. Training is on the job and requires a three month minimum commitment.

Time Commitment: One day per week, one morning or afternoon shift.

Shifts: 8:50 am – 12:00 pm or 12:50 pm – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Spanish Translators

We are looking for bilingual volunteers who can translate for our clients who do not speak English. This volunteer position is for people 18 years and older and requires a three month minimum commitment. Training is on the job. We are also looking for translators for our Saturday car seat events scheduled every other month.

Time Commitment: One day per week, one morning or afternoon shift.

Shifts: 8:50 am – 12:00 pm or 12:50 pm – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Saturday Car Seat Events: (optional) Every other month on a Saturday: Time is 7am-12pm



Our teens make a big difference in their community. They volunteer their time on site, they volunteer on the Teen and Tween Board to raise funds for the babies and host in-kind drives to provide our babies and toddlers with food, formula and diapers. There is no task too big for these young people. We love our teen volunteers.

Please note: In order to volunteer as a minor, we need parental consent. Please fill out the forms and bring with you on your first day of volunteerism. Parental Consent Forms

Summer Teen Program

We are pleased to announce that all 100 positions are currently full for Summer Teen Program 2017!

This program begins June 1st and ends August 15th. Teens choose three days in the summer they would like to volunteer. They spend half their day working in the hub stocking shelves and working through donations and the other half of the day in the playroom with the babies and toddlers. Teens in the summer also double their impact by hosting an in-kind drive to collect items for the babies and toddlers. Teens that complete the Summer Teen Program are eligible to apply for the Teen Associate Board.

**Application for summer 2018 will be available December 1, 2017**

Time Commitment: Three days in the summer. Teens choose their dates.

Shift: 10am-3pm (Campus is closed for lunch. Teens must bring their lunch with them.)

Teen Associate Board

The Teen Associate Board is comprised of around 40 high school students dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the babies and toddlers we serve. It gives these students the opportunity to become more involved with Infant Crisis Services beyond the Summer Teen Program. Students will govern their own board with an executive committee, setting goals to carry out our mission.

**The application for the 2017-2018 Teen Associate board has closed. The application for the 2018-2019 board will be available in summer 2018.**

Tween Board

Are you in middle school and looking for a way to get involved in your community? Join our Tween Board! It is a fun way to learn about Infant Crisis Services while volunteering and raising money for the babies and toddlers we serve. The Tween Board creates awareness and raises funds to support the mission of Infant Crisis Services through peer-to-peer fundraising and volunteering.

*All Tween Board Volunteer Days/Board Meetings occur on Saturdays.

After School Teen Volunteering

This is a great opportunity for teens who need service hours for school or who are unable to serve in the Summer Teen Program. After School Teen Volunteers help us get ready for the next day of babies and toddlers. They work in the boutique and playrooms getting everything restocked and presentable for the babies and toddlers who will visit the next day.



Groups interested in volunteering can fill out the Group Request form. You will be contacted within 2 business days to confirm or renegotiate a time for your request based on our availability. We typically book for Saturdays six months in advance due to the high volume of volunteer groups. Weekday volunteer opportunities are easier to book. Please note that shifts are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and that by filling this out you are only requesting a shift. Your group’s appointment isn’t guaranteed until you receive an email confirmation.

Group Volunteer Request

Age Requirements: 10 years of age and older.

For the safety of everyone, we do not provide childcare and no child under the age of 10 will be allowed in the volunteer center or warehouse. If you have any question about this please call us. 778-7603

*Groups with youth: There should be a 1 to 5 ratio with chaperones. Example: If there are 15 youth there should be 3 adults with them at all times.

*All volunteers under age 18 must have a signed Parental Consent Form. These forms must be printed, signed by parents, and brought with you at the day and time of volunteerism.

Maximum Group size: 15-20 individuals

Shift times: We book groups in two hour increments. 10 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm Tuesdays through Fridays and 10 am – 12 pm on Saturdays. Some times may vary due to events occurring on particular days of the week.


College Students

We enjoy being a location for students to complete their field studies or practicums. We accept 10 students in the spring and 10 in the fall.

College Student Volunteer Opportunities

Students must be able to complete a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer service before applications can be accepted. We take great pride in being a place to learn and build skills. Therefore training, professional skill building opportunities, volunteering and learning the organization can take up to 30 hours.


Flexible Opportunities

These opportunities range from volunteering in your PJ’s to manning a booth for a couple of hours to quick speaking engagements. These are “sign-up as you can” opportunities that have a big impact.


Inspire others to support Infant Crisis Services’ mission that no baby should go hungry! Ambassadors assist with increasing general community awareness through public speaking engagements and representing Infant Crisis Services at local community events. This volunteer position serves as a public relations ambassador for Infant Crisis Services at various events such as Open Streets OKC, LOVE OKC, community baby showers, health fairs, etc. Ambassadors may also speak at community meetings or fundraising gatherings.

Time Commitment: Flexible. Events occur throughout the year and Ambassadors sign up for shifts when they are available. Ambassadors are asked to commit to at least 2 shifts per year.

Shift: Flexible, depending on when events are scheduled. Most events are during the evenings or weekends and shifts range from a 30 minute speaking engagement to a 4 hour booth shift at a community event.

On Call/Disaster Relief/Special events

This volunteer role is very flexible. We add you to a list and when we need volunteers we send out an email with the details and you respond if you want to! If you don’t, just pass until another opportunity is presented that works with your schedule. We post volunteer requests for help with special events or in the event of a disaster. If a volunteer position opens up in-house, our on-call volunteers get first dibs!

Micro-Volunteer (Volunteer from home)

Have ten minutes?

  • “Like” us on Facebook, share our posts.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Read our blog and share on your social media.
  • Good on the computer? Raise money for the babies in your PJ’s!
  • Shopping? Purchase items from our Wish List. Amazon Smile donates back to us!

Have one to two hours?

  • Create awareness of Infant Crisis Services, schedule a tour! Come and visit us and bring friends!
  • Knit, crochet, or sew hats for the babies and toddlers.
  • Make baby blankets for the babies and toddlers.
  • Make “Project to Go” packs for our families, babies and toddlers.

Saturday Volunteers

This volunteer opportunity is great for those who work. You will be cross trained to do many tasks to maximize your impact during the 9 am – 12 pm shift. It is a fun and fast paced working environment! We are looking for people 18 years and older and a minimum of three months commitment.

Time Commitment: Two Saturdays per month (your choice)

Shift: 8:50 am – 12 pm


For any questions regarding volunteering, please contact us at volunteerinfo@infantcrisis.org.

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Donor door hours are:
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Service hours are:
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