What people are saying about feeding babies

In an e-mail recently we encouraged supporters to share their passion for Infant Crisis Services.  These were a few of my favorites:

In the twenty five years I have been associated with Infant Crisis Services, I have seen and heard some amazing stories of how they have changed lives. There is no other agency that offers the services, compassion and understanding that Infant Crisis Services offers.

The saying, '' It takes a village to raise a child '' means we must ALL do our part to help nurture and provide so children all around us can grow to reach their full potential.

Infant Crisis Services fulfills a need that no parent should have to endure. We all want to be able to feed and clothe our children and Infant Crisis Services does just that.

I'm proud to be able to help Infant Crisis Services in their mission. We as adults are the best child advocates in our community. We should advocate for every child in our community, and keep them safe and free from hunger.

Babies can't choose or change their circumstances but we as today's parents, leaders and ones who care...We Can!!! No baby should go hungry Every baby deserves to be comfortably fed and unconditionally loved.