Why our clients want disposable diapers more than cloth?

People ask us all the time "why not use cloth diapers? This will save the parents so much money." Well the truth is we have them, but we rarely get asked for them.  There are many factors why a mother cannot use cloth diapers.  The first one, is many, many, okay pretty much all childcare centers do not allow babies or toddlers to be in cloth diapers, and parents must provide an adequate amount of disposable diapers when they drop off their child.  "Okay, okay that's understandable, but not all children go to daycare?"   Well there is another reason.  Many people living in poverty do not have washing machines.  Also, most laundry mats do not allow people to wash cloth diapers in their machines for health and sanity reasons.  Disposable diapers are the right choice for many of our clients, and for our clients where cloth diapers fits their lifestyle we have those waiting for them as well.